Remarkable You...With My First Video!

Remarkable You...With My First Video!

I am so excited for my blog post today because I FINALLY did my first video!  I've decided to call my videos "Card Quickies"...I hope you enjoy them!  There's definitely a learning curve to making them and let's all cross our fingers that they get easier the more I do them!  I'm going to let the video do all the "talking" for me today (lol, even though there is no talking in my video!) but I wanted to give you a more detailed close-up up today's project first:

...and also a little visitor I ran in to while I was out taking pictures for today's post:

Here you go!


Here are the products I used on today's card:


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Please leave me a comment today with your thoughts on the video...remember it's my first one so be kind! *smile*

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Very cool card and wonderful video. I especially love the finger snapping before the label die-cutting. Very cute!

Claudia Perry - Aug 24, 2017

Love the video! I love to watch you stamp!

Pam Sherman - Aug 24, 2017

beautiful as always Dena

Kathe Brewer - Aug 24, 2017

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