Let's Talk About Cling Stamps

Let's Talk About Cling Stamps

Hey stampin' friends!  I'm sure you've heard already, but if you haven't...there's something NEW in the Occasions Catalog.  Stampin' Up! is introducing a new line of stamps called Cling mount.  These stamp sets will be replacing our current clear and wood mount stamp sets.  Cling stamps feature the high-quality red rubber we love, including a foam layer...what's new is the super strong labels that cling to our clear blocks and won't fall off!  There's a few important things to point out about Cling mount and since they are now available for purchase, I thought I'd share all about Cling stamps in today's blog post. 

I think most of you had already switched over from wood mount images to clear mount so losing the wood mount probably won't affect you.  I was a little bummed about it at first because wood mount was always my first choice.  After using Cling mount stamps though, I am a happy convert.  If you've been purchasing clear mount stamps, you might not notice a difference at first...until you adhere them to your clear blocks and they stick like magic!!  They don't fall off, even when you're cleaning them!

Each cling mount stamp set comes in the same video-style case as the clear mount stamps did, and include a sheet of the rubber images and a label sheet.

When putting them together, each image is punched out from the rubber sheet.  To adhere the label, you'll peel off the protective backing from the label sheet.

Peel off the backing from the stamp image then carefully place the image over the label...make sure it's lined up before pressing it onto the label...this stuff is STICKY and cannot be repositioned once it's attached!!

Once the image has the label attached, carefully peel it away from the paper backing.

They have SUPER stick power!!

In fact, they have such super stick power that you'll need to be careful when removing them...place a fingernail under a corner and gently peel the image away from the block.  Because the labels are soooo sticky, it's possible to pull the foam away from the rubber image so just be a little careful when pulling them off a block.

I had originally intended to store the images by sticking them to the inside of their storage case but I was having some trouble removing them when I wanted to use them so I am recommending they be kept in rubber sheet they arrived in.  It's easy to pop them out and use them...and it's also easy to tell if you're missing an image!

A few more tips:

  • Make sure you use a clean and dry stamp before inking and stamping.  If the back of the stamp is wet, it will not clean to the clear block.
  • Use Stampin' Mist and the Stampin' Scrub or the Simple Shammy to clean your stamps.  Avoid alcohol-based cleaners; alcohol will damage the cling adhesive on the label.
  • If your label gets dirty, clean it with water, Stampin' Mist, or a very mild detergent.  Avoid using cleaning wipes because they will leave behind fibers.
  • After stamping, return the stamp to its case to prevent the adhesive from picking up lint, hair, etc.

Once you try them, I think you'll be really happy with how well they stick to your clear blocks!  Be sure to ask me if you have any questions about them...I hope you fall in love with cling stamps!

Thanks for stopping by...I'll be back on Sunday with another project to share.  AND!  I'll be live on Facebook at 3:00 pm (PST) on Sunday afternoon as well so come stamp with me at Facebook.com/dalbee.pocketfullofstamps!

Until next time...happy stampin'!

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