A Pop of Paradise Cake Topper

A Pop of Paradise Cake Topper

Today's project is something a little different!  Shelly Hargens owns a bakery in my little town and she asked if I could make a tropical-themed cake topper with palm trees and a flamingo for a 40th birthday cake.  Challenge accepted!

I used the Pop of Paradise stamp set, which includes a flamingo, so that part was easy.  It also includes a great foliage piece that I thought I could transform into the palm trees:

To make the palm trees, I started by gluing small dowels into two straws--the dowels were longer than the straws and would be what actually went into the cake, and the straws became the bright trucks of my trees.

I stamped and fussy cut 11 of the leaves for each tree (they were stamped in Lemon Lime Twist ink onto the same color cardstock).  I trimmed three of them a little smaller for the very top of the trees and the others I left to size.  After they were cut, I glued a small strip of Lemon Lime Twist cardstock to the bottom of each leaf to attach to the straw "trucks", then each leaf was gently shaped and bent with a bone folder.  Starting at the top of each tree, I glued the first three leaves into the top of the straw.  When those were dry, I glued four below them, and then the final four, alternating with the row above to create a more full-looking tree.

I let the trees dry thoroughly overnight, then the rest was easy!  I stamped and layered the greeting, then folded and glued them over baker's twine.  The twine ends were wrapped around the straws and attached first with a mini glue dot and then with fine-tip glue for extra security.

Here's the topper on Shelly's gorgeous cake...

It was such a fun project!  Thanks Shelly, for asking me to make this and I look forward to future cake-topper challenges from you!  If you want to see more of Shelly's beautiful cakes, you will find her at Sweet Swirls by Shelly Hargens on Facebook!

I used the following products for this project:



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